Justin Zucco graphic designer

Promotional Card

The goal of this project was to create a self-promotional piece to hand out to local people in Western Massachusetts. I wanted to create something special, not your typical promotional card, but something with unique qualities.

If you have ever worked with me before you will know that much of my work is very hands on and mapped out from the start to the end. In the beginning I do research, brainstorming and sketching. So, I wanted this card to reflect the hard work, hands on, and the personal touch I provide.

This self-promotional piece was all hand measured, cut, taped, typeset, printed and assembled by me. I used my Kelsey 5x8 letterpress, which I recently restored and brought back to life. This was my first real letterpress project I have ever done. The pictures below give a brief visual guide throughout the process. The card reads: “Hello my name is Justin Zucco and I'm a graphic and web designer. I'm excited to work with more local people. Please take a look at my work and get in touch. Hand printed and typeset, please share.”