Label designs for whisky bottles


I was asked to design a label for a new whisky flavor. The two primary goals were to appeal to a younger audience and establish brand recognition.

Heritage Design

The first option was inspired by tradition and heritage. Using hand drawn typography and illustrated banners I was able to tap into the spirit of a younger crowd. To establish brand recognition and familiarity I developed a checkered pattern that was based on the original Black Velvet logo.

Whisky label design with custom typography
Hand drawn lettering for logo design
Pattern and design element for whisky bottle
Type lockup for whisky bottle label

A Modern Approach

The second option was a modern take on the label. A prominent and stylized hand drawn lockup was used for the flavor name, which was to be printed on a clear label that wrapped around the entire bottle. This work was completed while working with Brigade.

Bold hand drawn typography on a bottle
Hand lettering for logo and label design
Illustration of fire and flames for packaging
Modern type lockup for a whisky label