Letterpress printing with sketchbook and plant

The Start 

I created Freak Show Press as a unique apparel and stationery shop. Producing small batch, one-of-a-kind products ranging from handmade sketchbooks to lapel pins. I designed everything, from the products to the e-commerce website.

Black on black business cards for letterpress shop

The Logo 

What started as a pencil sketch soon became digitized into a scaleable vector logo and a core asset for the brand. 

Freak Show Press logo design on black and white

The Website 

Building an e-commerce space for physical products was an essential part of Freak Show Press. You can find and order everything from enamel pins to letterpress printed sketchbooks.

Apparel e-commerce website design and layout

Social Media

Social media plays an important role for brand awareness and to engage with others.

Freak Show Press Instagram feed
Social media content

Photography and Content Creation

When creating content I’m often inspired by the product itself. I often incorporate the product concept through lifestyle photography or a product driven visual.

Secrets handmade letterpress journal
UFO t-shirt design with model
Alien and UFO inspired lapel pins
Life and Death sketchbooks
Product photography of gold enamel pin
Sketchbook with red pages for drawing
The Truth sketchbook with green pages
Black broken heart lapel pin set
Open your eyes t-shirt design
Custom die-cut sticker design and photo

Product Creation

The products are bold, mysterious and sarcastic. All are inspired by the unusual, unbelievable, and unexplainable. Everything is hand crafted and each sketchbook is individually printed on a vintage letterpress, and assembled by hand.

Freak Show Press vector logos and marks