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Vintage Typography and Graphic Design Inspiration


I love surrounding myself with art prints, relics, oddities and vintage items in my workspace. It provides inspiration and motivation during the creative process. I've decided to document some pieces here on my website for your enjoyment. From irresistible type lockups to rock-solid layouts, get ready to feast your eyes on some forgotten gems.

Vintage Polaroid Type 108 packaging design
Polaroid typography, layout and vintage colors
3-in-one oil can logo and type lockup
Vintage hardware box with illustration and pattern of nuts and bolts
Bottom of box with BLUM type, logo and part numebrs
Lucas motorcycle parts for vintage Triumph motorcycle
Lettick type specimens typography book
Vintage Daisy B.B.s ammo container with sans serif font
Vintage typography and lettering on pennant Catskill Game Farm N.Y.
Kelsey letterpress printing halftone black ink tube
Basketball Hall of Fame vintage button Springfield MA
Middleton's Cherry Blend typography on tin label
Justin Zucco