Hiking Sanderson Brook Falls

Anxious for our next adventure we packed up and headed to Sanderson Brook Falls in Massachusetts. After parking we walked down a dirt path into the woods. It was a short and enjoyable walk besides being eaten by a ton of mosquitoes. When we made it to the falls we stopped to take in the views. It’s a smaller waterfall, but one worth exploring. 

We decided to carry on and hike a ski trail. It turned out to be a very steep path. It was exhausting! I had hoped for a scenic overlook, but we didn’t see anything at the top. Maybe we missed a trail along the way, bummer. 

As we made our way back down some of the trail markers were tricky to identify. At one point we found ourselves off the trail. However, we were able to quickly navigate back and find our way down the rocky terrain.

Overall it was a great hike which included a waterfall, refreshing streams and plenty of beautiful trails.

Chester-Blandford State Forest
Standing on the edge of a steel bridge
Sanderson Brook Falls
Sanderson Brook Falls waterfall in Chester Massachusetts