A selection of logos, symbols and icons I’ve designed for various design projects. All marks were sketched on paper and then created in vector format using Adobe Illustrator.

Geometric lady icon vector
Skeptic icon for lapel pin
Shopping cart icon vector
The Pink Agenda logo design with ribbon
Moto Zuc logo and identity
Triumph bobber motorcycle icon vector
TAS monogram logo design
TAS coffin illustration for shirt and merch
RIDE custom type
Wednesday custom type exploration
Leaf vector for logo
Alien head symbol for lapel pin
Skull mouth vector illustration design
Love burns custom illustration for shirt
Lumicore Group logo design
Custom playful typography for Wednesday
Rigid typography created
Vintage motorcycle icon
ICELAND custom typography for travel
Hardhat icon
Icon set vector
Whisky logo design
Custom letter M design
Cinna Rush hand drawn type
Custom hand forged typography USA
Vintage looking number two vector
Custom lockup for type
Vector of vintage Triumph motorcycle
Custom THRILL typography for project
arrow icon direction design
Heirloom Fire logo exploration and design
Chemex with coffee cup icon design
Type for the day FRIDAY
test tube icon bubbles
Speed freak logo design hand drawn type
Eco Chick logo design